I love how everything in life happens exactly as it should.

Dogs - Family - Spontaneous Road-trips - The Ocean - People - My Faith
These all that form part of my list of ultimate favourite things.
Oh! And I also love making lists, can you tell?

A few more things you need to know about me:
- I recently got married (I really understand all your feels)
- I’ll most likely cry when you enter the chapel (like seriously - it’s a beautiful moment)
- I have a BA Visual Communication degree
- I recharge around people
- My husband is the real MVP

Every moment of a wedding day should be captured so that the story of the day can be re-lived time and time again. To do this, we ensure that we document everything from your day. When editing the footage we include so many images of (what we like to call) the in between moments. Those short glances to your bridesmaids when you’re ready to leave the room in the morning, the deep breaths the groom takes as the music sounds indicate the beginning of he ceremony, grandparents watching you the entire day, moms and dads circulating and talking to family and friends, flower girls spinning in their dresses… There are so many important moments that, when captured in a photograph, you can treasure for the rest of your lives.

As the old saying goes “A picture really does say a thousand words …“

I've had the most amazing clients, here's what they say ...

I've had the most amazing clients, here's what they say ...

“Jana is immaculate at taking photographs that truly capture once in a lifetime moments. Her nature is soft and caring and she makes you feel like the most important couple that she’s ever worked with.

Her photos are unique and warm. You instantly feel at ease and relaxed with Jana when she starts to take photographs of you and your newly wed husband.”